As part of the core delivery team with Rocket Internet, I developed and maintained User Interfaces for popular marketplaces such as Foodora Corporate, Zalando Lounge, Lieferheld, Bonativo and others. With delivery and exexution in mind, I worked with accessible HTML, performant JavaScript, and scalable CSS/SASS. On the Backend, we used several PHP-based frameworks (Symfony, Phalcon) as well as Ruby On Rails.
I worked as an external consultant with the EC Internal Communications Unit, developping the European Union's employee intranet (30K users), coached and trained webmasters in HTML/CSS principles, implemented a massive redesign, and developed new features for the platform.
As a member of the Germany team (previously Lieferheld, than acquired by TakeAway operating under the Lieferando brand), I developed and delivered features for the online delivery platform. Workign with React, Backbone, SASS and Webpack.
Core member of the migration team of a Legacy PHP stack to a microservices-based, Node.JS/React architecture, worked with Webpack, React, Storybook.