CSS3: Why hesitate?

Internet Explorer 9

The Good news

The new Internet Explorer 9, which is going beta in the following days, will support if not all, a big part of CSS3 modules. It will also support several HTML5 elements. Even if test results publiced by Microsoft have been criticized as been not exactly “accurate”, they definitely show Microsoft change in policy towards CSS3 and Web Standards in general.

Microsoft was the last company to join a growing list of giants evangelizing Web Standards: Google, Opera and last but not least: Apple.

Even less support for IE6

Facebook IE6
Alongside with the HTML 5 discussion, and the release of FireFox 3.5.1 three days ago, voices calling for global content denial to IE6 users are getting more and more. The idea is simple: It’s been SOME years now people are advised to upgrade with nagboxes and the like, yet IE6 enjoys percentages that in several portals reach even 50%. So, this time, instead of “suggesting” website visitors to upgrade their browser for a better user experience, we simply display a “Upgrade your browser to see this web page” – page – , linking to the major browsers updates.