On the Internet Explorer blame : Answer to @slicknet’s post

Just a short recap of the debate:

Here’s my reaction that I also published as a comment to Nicholas blog:

I will have to strongly disagree with the fellow compatriot although I respect his experience and background. I have a lot less experience that he does, but I think I do have the right to disagree (stating the obvious, but whatever).

Even less support for IE6

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Alongside with the HTML 5 discussion, and the release of FireFox 3.5.1 three days ago, voices calling for global content denial to IE6 users are getting more and more. The idea is simple: It’s been SOME years now people are advised to upgrade with nagboxes and the like, yet IE6 enjoys percentages that in several portals reach even 50%. So, this time, instead of “suggesting” website visitors to upgrade their browser for a better user experience, we simply display a “Upgrade your browser to see this web page” – page – , linking to the major browsers updates.