Blogosphere debates heating up for HTML 5

Case you’re lying in a sunny beach and you’ve missed out, here’s what’s going on on the net last month or so:

In Zeldman‘s -aka “King of Web Standards” – blog, the debate whether HTML 5 working group is heading towards the right direction or not is getting pretty nasty. A guy called John Allsopp commenting on Zeldman’s blog, explained why “HTML 5 is a mess“, and all hell broke loose. Then, couple of days ago, another guy, Bruce Lawson, an Opera employee, explained in detail why HTML 5 is “several different kind of messes“. And if you’re bored to read the whole story, the main arguments of Lawson are 1) HTML 5 is a mess cause it’s built on a mess (HTML 4) and 2) The process followed is chaotic – since several groups are trying to promote their own different views on the specification.

For now, the debate remains civilised, and let’s hope it stays like that. All debaters, agree that bitchin’ on the blogs is not the way to go, and suggest actively helping the Working Group resolve any ambiguities.