On the Internet Explorer blame : Answer to @slicknet’s post

Just a short recap of the debate:

Here’s my reaction that I also published as a comment to Nicholas blog:

I will have to strongly disagree with the fellow compatriot although I respect his experience and background. I have a lot less experience that he does, but I think I do have the right to disagree (stating the obvious, but whatever).

Drupal tip: Style admin nodes

I was recently searching for a snippet that would add a class to nodes created by the administrator. Rather simple and straightforward, but didn’t find anything. If you’re just starting out in theming, it could help you understand how things work a bit. Here is the code you add in your theme’s template.php file:

function [your_theme_name]_preprocess_node(&$vars) {
if ($vars['uid'] == 1) {
$vars['classes_array'][] = ‘adminpost’;

Reviewing Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive Web Design

I recently bought and read the electronic version of Adaptive Web Design, written by Aaron Gustafson which was overall a nice -and short- read. Aaron is obviously a good writer, but this is no surprise if one looks at his CV. He also seems like a nice guy -twitter wise-, maybe a bit easier to approach than other folks from the “Zeldman Web Influencers group”. I rarely buy books, but I had a good feeling for this one.